Hendra Setiawan is a PHP web developer at Exclusive Piano Group Australia. We asked him to share a bit of his experience with Pinegrow and WordPress theme development.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ? What are your “specialties” and since when are you in this business?

My name is Hendra Setiawan I’m a PHP web developer.

Since 2009, I worked at Telkom Indonesia as a Web Apps developer. At the end of 2015, I decided to resign from that company and I started to work at Exclusive Piano Group Australia, a division of the Exclusive Piano Group who are the Australian National Distributors for Steinway & Sons.

My current specialties is WordPress developer.

When and how did you discover Pinegrow?

In late december 2015, I was given the mission to convert the official site of Steinway Pianos Australia to a WordPress site. The timeline was short so I needed to find a way to meet the deadline.

And then my boss suggested me to try Pinegrow. I tried the trial version of and I thought that it could help me a lot to speed up the job.

Finally, after the trial version was expired, I decided to purchase the Individual Licence.

What applications have you used before Pinegrow?

Sublime Text. Honestly, I have never used any GUI editor before.

What is your “typical workflow” with Pinegrow?

I have purchased Pinegrow to help me speed up my working time to convert a non WordPress site into a WordPress site.

So my workflow is :

  • Find the URL of the page that I want to replicate to WordPress
  • Open Pinegrow -> Open URL
  • After I click OK, Pinegrow will load the complete page
  • Save the page and I just need to slice it into header, body, footer, etc.
  • Everything is on Drag and Drop and it’s very easy.

What features of Pinegrow do you use most often?

I love the Open URL feature and WordPress theme builder. It’s really helps me to save my time.

What features of Pinegrow would you like to see improved?

I think everything is perfect. 🙂

What features do you think are lacking in Pinegrow right now and for which you use other applications?

Nothing. I use Pinegrow for my whole job and it works perfectly.

Can you tell us a bit more about the Steinway project that you have created with Pinegrow?

The old version of the site was not a WordPress site. It had a complex back end system and this is one of the reason why my boss wanted to use WordPress for the new version.

Then, I realized that I needed to build a custom WordPress theme for this project. Because of the close deadline, I needed to find the best way to save my time.

Luckily, my boss suggested me to use Pinegrow.

And yes! It’s really saved my time to build the WordPress theme so I was able to focus on the building of the back end system.

Thanks to Pingrow this was not only possible but I plan to use this software for all future projects.

Steinway & Sons Australia Official Website. Made with Pinegrow.

Product details page. Made with Pinegrow.

For future versions of Pinegrow, according to you, what should be the priorities?

If there is any possibility to add new feature on the WordPress theme builder, it would be amazing.

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